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Iconic Tours and Activities

Isandlwana Lodge guests enjoy close proximity to the iconic Isandlwana battlefield and other renowned Kwa-Zulu landmarks.

The quintessential explorer’s destination

Scattered throughout the undulating valleys and golden hills of Kwa-Zulu Natal, and nestled between sleepy rural villages and towns, South Africa’s most historic battlefields, monuments and dramatic scenery await. Book a stay at Isandlwana, and begin your journey today.

experience the history first hand

Battlefield Tours

Tours & Activities

Following the footsteps of the Anglo-Zulu War

Take a tour into the past, from the tranquil comfort of Isandlwana Lodge. Allow our expert tour guides to share their knowledge and passion with you, as you revisit the country’s famous Anglo-Zulu war sites, memorials and dedicated museums. Our full-day tours include a mouthwatering on-the-go picnic.

The Story of the Isandlwana Battle

Battle of Isandlwana – Half-day Tour

A short drive from the lodge, the Isandlwana battlefield pays tribute to the 1879 clash of the British regiment and Zulu impi. Serving as a burial site for the fallen and a memorial of historic events, the Isandlwana battlefield tour offers an unbiased, respectful glimpse into the first major battle that marked the beginning of the Anglo-Zulu war.

THE STORY OF Rorke's Drift

Defence of Rorke’s Drift Tour – Half-day Tour

In the aftermath of Isandlwana, a Zulu impi marched on to engage in further battle at Rorke’s Drift. A guided half-day tour takes guests on a short, scenic drive to the exact location where an estimated 150 British soldiers successfully defended the Rorke’s Drift garrison against more than 3,500 Zulu warriors.

Get the full story

From Isandlwana to Fugitive’s Drift – Full-day Tour

Our full-day tour takes intrepid travellers on a roaming tour of the region, offering a guided experience of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift battlefields. The tour culminates at the picturesque Fugitive’s Drift, where Lieutenants Melvill and Coghill lost their lives trying to save the Queen’s Colour.

The remarkable victory

Battle of Blood River – Full-day Tour

Prior to the Anglo-Zulu conflicts, Voortrekkers moving inland confronted native people as they sought land on which to settle. One such confrontation reached a crescendo at the Ncome River, Kwa-Zulu Natal, when Zulu King Dingane’s forces were defeated by the pioneering Boers in 1838. This guided tour offers a glimpse into the treacherous events leading up to the Battle of Blood River.



The Story of Ulundi

Battle at Ulundi – Full-day Tour

The tour of the Ulundi battlefield guides explorers through the final clash between the British and Zulu forces. Here, an army of 17,000 British troops defeated an estimated 24,000 Zulu warriors, taking Zulu King Cetshwayo prisoner and changing the framework of the Zulu Kingdom forever.

Experience the rich culture of africa

Cultural Tours

a true cultural tale

Live a day in the life of rural Kwa-Zulu Natal

From the Isandlwana battlefields to present-day life in the quiet Zululand countryside, enjoy our cultural tours led by local guides.

experience the lifestyle

Isandlwana Village Walk

Allow our guides to introduce you to the friendly residents of the Isandlwana village. Tailored to your personal interests, a village walk may include a visit to a family home, a tour of school and village facilities, a visit to the local sangoma (diviner), or access to the local church or museum.

picturesque landscapes

Photographic Tours

Our full-day photographic tour is led by a qualified guide into the most scenic parts of Zululand, where guests may take in and capture dramatic landscapes – rugged mountains, unforgiving ravines, rivers and natural forests.

picturesque landscapes

Valley of the Kings

Take a full-day excursion to eMakhosini Opathe Heritage Park, or Valley of the Kings, and enjoy a wilderness rehabilitated to its former glory, with wild game and herds of Nguni cattle. Here, guests may also explore the restored home of Zulu kings, where the icon, Shaka, spent much of his youth, and where Dingane massacred Voortrekker leader, Piet Retief, in 1838.

picturesque landscapes

The Fugitive’s Trail Walk

Lace up your hiking boots and walk in the footsteps taken by survivors of the Battle of Isandlwana to the Natal border. This winding 8km trail across uneven terrain is rewarding for nature lovers, history enthusiasts and avid birders, and concludes with a customary crossing of the Buffalo River. Transport back to Isandlwana Lodge is provided.

Discover the spirit of Zululand

Experience service with soul, enjoy spectacular scenery and explore a bygone era at Isandlwana Lodge.

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